Friday 26th april Car valeting Glasgow West End

So I head over to the West End of Glasgow to wash a regular customers car. When I get there I find that someone has parked their Renault Clio rather close to the car I am going to work on.
I decide that I’m going to photograph this before I start the car valet, as soon as I take out my iPad up comes a chap shouting and swearing at me, asking what I’m doing?
I point out that he has in fact hit my customer’s car and that it was just incase there had been any damage done. He proceeds to say that he had never hit it and that he had “reversed back carefully before nudging it gently” so you hit the car I asked? He again denied it just after saying he had only nudged it and then puffs up his chest and starts to become a bit threatening!
I told him to behave himself before he eventually calmed down, admitted that he had in fact hit the car because he had to go to the GP surgery for his prescription.
After informing the cars owner she went a bit ballistic wanting to involve the police, however there was no damage done to the car, so alls well that ends well.
Below you will see the picture of this wee incident, do you think he’s hit the car?