Tips on how to clean your car

A guide to washing your car

If you choose to wash your own car at home then check out my tips to see if they help you.

Firstly ensure that all loose dirt has been cleaned from the car either by using a pressure washer or a garden hose.
Once you have done this you should start by cleaning your wheels, this can be done by using Autoglym wheel cleaner.Take when doing this as generally wheel cleaners cannot be used on wheels that are still hot from driving so ensure that they are cool before using the wheel cleaner. Spray the wheels and leave for a couple of minutes to help break down the brake dust etc.. Use a wheel brush to agitate the wheel cleaner and rinse off immediately. Repeat this on all four wheels.
Clean out your bucket before tackling the bodywork.

Use Autoglym car shampoo and a sponge or lambswool mitt to wash the car.
Start at the front of the car, washing the near side front wing and always wash from the bottom of the panel and work your way up using a horizontal method, ensuring that you continue to dip your sponge using the soapy water.
This will ensure that you can see what you are washing as you go along. Methodically work your way across the front bumper, bonnet and off side front wing before making your way around the rest of the car.
You may also like to use the 2 bucket method whereby once you have used your sponge to clean a panel you “rinse it” in a bucket of clean tap water. This will keep you sponge clear of grit etc..

After you have completed the washing process you should then rinse the car using your hose or pressure washer working from the roof and working your way down and around the car.
Once you have rinsed the car you should then use a chamois or microfibre drying cloth to dry the car, starting with the windows then working your way systematically around the vehicle.

If you would prefer to have your car cleaned and valeted by a professionally trained valeter then please feel free to contact me.