A car valeting poem

Do you have a dirty car that needs a right good clean
A car that your ashamed of and think should not be seen
Then call the guy from Dirty Cars I’m the man for you
I’ll clean your car so well you’ll see it’s actually blue

Your car it will be washed and then it gets a dry
The dash will be so clean
It’ll bring at tear to your eye
Your windows will be polished
To bring a perfect shine
The tyres will be dressed and looking oh so fine

And if you want a polish I can do that as I said
Whether your car is black or blue or even if its red
When it all is done
An air freshener is put inside to make your car smell good
And finally a polish of anything that’s wood

So if you want a professional valet
Then please give me a call
I’m the bloke who does all the work and my name is Paul

Thanks for reading this little rhyme
For having a look, for taking the time
So look outside and tell me
Is your car in need of help from the man who cleans the cars
Then don’t forget the name its called DIRTY CARS

Serving Glasgow and surrounding areas