Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Detector Technology

A shared incentive to avoid vehicle damage caused by potholes and blemishes in the road.
The new ‘Pothole Alert’ research could save motorists billions of pounds. The new technology from Jaguar Landrover is welcome news as it will reduce vehicle damage, road accidents and punctures for motorists. There is a major cost of vehicle damage caused by potholes in the UK estimated at approximately £2.8bn every year.

Technology to identify location

Jaguar LandRover is researching a new connected car technology that will allow a vehicle to identify the location, the severity of potholes, broken drains and manhole covers. Once the information is collected the data can be shared in real-time via the cloud with other vehicles and with road authorities which would help them to prioritise repairs. Receiving a warning about severe potholes and broken manholes that you will encounter on your journey is most certainly a plus, it would give time to slow up and avoid any severe impact to the car reducing potential damage.

Range Rover Evoque Research Vehicle

Currently Jaguar LandRover will be moving to the next stage of their project and installing a new road surface sensing technology in the Range Rover Evoque research vehicle which will include an advanced forward facing stereo digital camera. This would improve the accuracy of pothole detection by scanning the road ahead so the car could predict the severity before the vehicle gets close. Further development would be a system that could automatically guide a car around potholes without the car leaving its land and causing danger to other motorists.

Sharing data with road authorities

The research team will also work with Coventry City Council to understand how road profile information could be shared with road authorities and exactly what data would be most useful for their roads maintenance teams to identify and prioritise repairs. Thousands of cars giving real time accurate minute by minute pictures of damaged road surfaces, manholes and drains would be a huge help to repairing and maintaining roads quicker. Data is already collected by the city council but the potential of this new technology from Jaguar Landrover could save the taxpayer money.