Winter Protection Details Offer

Now that the summer is finally over its time to start thinking about protecting your cars paintwork for the Autumn and winter period.
Winter protection details include a safe wash using the two bucket wash method, with full decontamination of paintwork, removing tar and general fallout from the atmosphere as well as metals and brake dust particles. Any further decontamination of the paintwork is removed using a clay bar.
The paintwork is then wiped down with panel wipe before being coated in a wax that if maintained properly will last up to five or six months, protecting your car until the harshest of the weather is gone.
The Winter details start from only £80.00 for a small cars such as Mazda MX5, Mini.

Medium cars Ford Focus, Vauxhall Asrta starts at £90.00.

Large cars ie BMW 7 series/ Mercedes S Class £100.00.
ALL 4×4 vehicles such as BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Range Rovers etc start at £110.00.

The prices above will depend on present condition of vehicle, but believe me the difference in your vehicle will be well worth the price you pay.

All of these details are now available so make your booking as soon as possible