Summer protection

The Spring/Summer is almost upon us and you may thing it’s time to give your car a spruce up.
I will be offering a summer protection for your car from ONLY £80! This will include the bodywork being washed and a chemical decontamination to remove tar and metallic fallout (brake dust etc)
The car will then receive two coats of wax which will leave the car nice and glossy for the summer months (dependant on condition of paint presently)
Other add ons such machine applied paint cleaning is also available to bring that gloss back if the paint is a bit dull

Winter Protection Details Offer

Now that the summer is finally over its time to start thinking about protecting your cars paintwork for the Autumn and winter period.
Winter protection details include a safe wash using the two bucket wash method, with full decontamination of paintwork, removing tar and general fallout from the atmosphere as well as metals and brake dust particles. Any further decontamination of the paintwork is removed using a clay bar.
The paintwork is then wiped down with panel wipe before being coated in a wax that if maintained properly will last up to five or six months, protecting your car until the harshest of the weather is gone.
The Winter details start from only £80.00 for a small cars such as Mazda MX5, Mini.

Medium cars Ford Focus, Vauxhall Asrta starts at £90.00.

Large cars ie BMW 7 series/ Mercedes S Class £100.00.
ALL 4×4 vehicles such as BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Range Rovers etc start at £110.00.

The prices above will depend on present condition of vehicle, but believe me the difference in your vehicle will be well worth the price you pay.

All of these details are now available so make your booking as soon as possible

Buying a car? Then make sure you get the logbook

DVLA warns motorists not to buy a used vehicle without a logbook. Also, tips to avoid stolen cars and new road tax rules.
The DVLA has emphasised that it is important not to buy a used vehicle that is missing its logbook as it might be stolen or hard to tax. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently revealed that approximately 70,000 were taken without consent in 2014. The logbook – also known as the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) – is not proof of ownership but a resource that confirms the make, model, trim, identification number, registration number, body style, fuel type, carbon emission output and the number of owners, etc. A V5C is also used to transfer ownership so an honest seller should have kept it safe or ordered a replacement.

If you purchase a used vehicle without a logbook one has to be obtained. Complete Form V62: Application For A Vehicle Registration Certificate. The process takes approximately 6 weeks and costs £25.

Tips To Avoid Buying Stolen Vehicle

The DVLA has published a series of tips to minimise the risk of buying a stolen vehicle. Prior to seeing a vehicle:

“Ask the seller for the registration number, make and model and MOT test number.
Use DVLA’s online vehicle enquiry service to check that the details you’ve been given match their records.
Check that the vehicle’s MOT is up to date, and the MOT history matches the details you’ve been given.”
When you see the vehicle:

“Ask to see the V5C vehicle registration certificate. Make sure it has a DVL watermark, and the serial number isn’t between BG8229501 to BG9999030, or BI2305501 to BI2800000. If it is, the V5C might be stolen. Call the police. Most new V5Cs are now red but some older ones may not be. To check the V5C is the latest issued use the vehicle enquiry service.
Make sure the details in the log book match the details you’ve been given.
Check the vehicle identification number and engine number. Make sure these match the details on the log book.”
Selling A Vehicle: Road Tax Refund

On October 1st 2014, the DVLA changed its rules to prevent a seller leaving road tax on a vehicle when it is sold. It coincided with the abolition of the tax disc that was a receipt to prove duty had been paid. Enforcement now comes via a computer database that automatically fines a non-complier. The DVLA – once it is informed a vehicle has been sold via its V5C or online – refunds the seller any remaining months of road tax. This process is automatic and compulsory. There is no longer a need to apply. Furthermore, if the seller paid by direct debit then it is automatically cancelled too.

Buying A Vehicle: Get Road Tax Without V11 Reminder Letter

The recent rule changes require you – as the buyer – to pay excise duty before taking the vehicle on the highway. You need the 12 digit reference number from the V5C/2. You should receive this small part of the log book at the point of sale. Tax can be arranged online at You can also pay via phone (0300 123 4321), textphone (0300 790 6201), or a Post Office.

Do you hog the middle lane?

First driver convicted in court of hogging the middle lane of a motorway says he was victimised for driving a white van.
Driver Fined £940 for Hogging Middle Lane

The first motorist convicted in court of hogging the middle lane of a motorway says he was victimised for driving a white van, the Mirror reports. Ian Stephens, 42, was fined £940 and received 5 penalty points for cruising at 60mph in the middle lane of the M62 in his Citroen Berlingo. “It’s because I drive a white van (and) people will like that I’ve been made an example of”, he argues. Police say that 6 drivers had to brake and swerve to overtake as the Berlingo travelled east. The court heard he had numerous opportunities to move into the left lane but stayed in the middle.

Middle Lane Hogging Dangerous

PC Nigel Fawcett-Jones, of the Road Policing Unit, says dangerous lane hogging causes congestion and inconvenience to other road users. He adds: “It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways, and can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers tailgate the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over. PC Fawcett-Jones continues: “Members of the public regularly tell the Road Policing Unit that lane hogging and tailgating are real problems on our roads. This conviction shows that the police and the courts understand the public’s concerns and take this offence seriously”.

Middle Lane Van Driver Discusses Fine

But Mr Stephens – a father of 2 and grandfather of 3 from Shevington – claims to have been treated unfairly. He says: “It’s rubbish that I made other people swerve and brake. That didn’t happen. All 3 lanes were full and they were all busy. I had my ladders on the roof (and) there were a lot of vans in the inside lane. It was uphill and very windy”, he says. I was still going faster than the lorries and articulated trucks on the inside lane.”

Mr Stephens adds: “I honestly didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I don’t drive like an idiot – I had a clean licence until this happened. I’ve never been done for speeding, I’m not a reckless driver, I didn’t even realise I’d been the first person to be convicted of this. He concludes: I didn’t put anybody in danger.” Mr Stephens is self-employed and raising the money to pay the fine might prove challenging. He is now considering an appeal.

Middle Lane Hogging and the Law

Mr Stephens fell fowl of a law introduced in 2013 that covers misdemeanours such as tailgating, failing to give way at a junction, undertaking and – of course – incorrect use of a middle lane.

Where Are the UK’s Worst Spots for Lane Hogging?

Recent research by direct line released last August found that out of 2,000 drivers, 43% said they drive in the middle lane because it is an ‘easier way to drive’ and ‘saves me changing lanes’.

The research also found the worst stretches of motorway for middle lane hogging.

M4 J5-J6 westbound (Slough) 27%
M1 J4-J5 southbound (Watford) 26%
M4 J7-J8/9 eastbound (Slough) 24%
M25 J4-J5 clockwise (Sevenoaks) 22%
M25 J12-J13 anti-clockwise (Cheshunt) 21%
M4 J2-J3 westbound (Brentford) 19%
M25 J18-J19 anti-clockwise (Watford) 19%
M25 J16-J17 clockwise (Gerrards Cross) 17%
M4 J5-J6 eastbound (Heathrow) 16%
M25 J16-J17 anti-clockwise (Gerrards Cross) 12%

Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Detector Technology

A shared incentive to avoid vehicle damage caused by potholes and blemishes in the road.
The new ‘Pothole Alert’ research could save motorists billions of pounds. The new technology from Jaguar Landrover is welcome news as it will reduce vehicle damage, road accidents and punctures for motorists. There is a major cost of vehicle damage caused by potholes in the UK estimated at approximately £2.8bn every year.

Technology to identify location

Jaguar LandRover is researching a new connected car technology that will allow a vehicle to identify the location, the severity of potholes, broken drains and manhole covers. Once the information is collected the data can be shared in real-time via the cloud with other vehicles and with road authorities which would help them to prioritise repairs. Receiving a warning about severe potholes and broken manholes that you will encounter on your journey is most certainly a plus, it would give time to slow up and avoid any severe impact to the car reducing potential damage.

Range Rover Evoque Research Vehicle

Currently Jaguar LandRover will be moving to the next stage of their project and installing a new road surface sensing technology in the Range Rover Evoque research vehicle which will include an advanced forward facing stereo digital camera. This would improve the accuracy of pothole detection by scanning the road ahead so the car could predict the severity before the vehicle gets close. Further development would be a system that could automatically guide a car around potholes without the car leaving its land and causing danger to other motorists.

Sharing data with road authorities

The research team will also work with Coventry City Council to understand how road profile information could be shared with road authorities and exactly what data would be most useful for their roads maintenance teams to identify and prioritise repairs. Thousands of cars giving real time accurate minute by minute pictures of damaged road surfaces, manholes and drains would be a huge help to repairing and maintaining roads quicker. Data is already collected by the city council but the potential of this new technology from Jaguar Landrover could save the taxpayer money.

Saturday 11th april

So today takes me to #Bearsden to provide a service wash for three cars.
It’s then onto #springburn to valet a car before heading over to #anniesland to valet an Audi Q7

Friday 16th January

Well today I didn’t get much work done!

mini valet on a Renault in Milngavie and a service wash on a BMW in Bishopbriggs

unfortunately it’s snowing in Glasgow today, so it was an early finish

Wednesday January 14th

Quiet day here at Dirty Cars, however given the weather it’s not a surprise!

dont forget to have your car cleaned though as the grit and salt can cause damage to your vehicle. Get in touch to make your appointment today.

E-type Jaguar

Went to inspect an E-Type Jaguar this morning. Customer wants it to shine so I have provided a cost for an enhancement detail. This is designed to improved the gloss appearance of the paintwork, although it is not a correction detail ie it does not remove defects

Valeting in Cumbernauld

Every Thursday I am in Cumbernauld carrying out some valeting, I also spend some time in Kilsyth also.

If you live in Cumbernauld or Kilsyth then make your appointment for a valet today!